$PEEPO - 0% Tax

$PEEPO - The Cutest and Most Innocent Pepe There is

Peepo stands out as the epitome of cuteness and innocence among all the Pepe characters. With its charming personality and endearing traits, $PEEPO represents the Pepe community's spirit, bringing back the glory of memecoins.

The 0% tax innocent peepo

Bringing Together The Peepo Community

$PEEPO has 0% tax and burned liquidity making for the best community token, with Peepo bringing together all the memecoin savants and innocent community members.

$PEEPO Tokenomics

0% Tax

$PEEPO has a 0% Tax on Buys and Sells.

1T Supply

The new $PEEPO has a total supply of 1 trillion tokens.

Burned LP

The $PEEPO LP was burned on launch.


The $PEEPO contract will be renounced.

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Contract: 0x4991D0b1287aeD4B3C8a7EF8AC072c68EfCFF0c2